Ashley Gracile presents the Ultimate Tuner Honda Civic only on Sport Compact TV

SPORT COMPACT TV a 65 episode TV series seen in 25 million US homes.

Ashley Gracile lifestyle TV producer thinks that the Civic is the ultimate tuner car to modify and that the ultimate tuner car enthusiasts TV series is Sport Compact TV – An Ashley Gracile TV Series released by GPI Content Corporation and created by Ashley Gracile Steel Dreams TV is another car crazy TV series Ashley Gracile created also released by GPI Content Corporation which touches on tuner cars but not the way Sport Compact TV does.

Modifying a Civic often starts with a body kit according to Ashley Gracile video below shows how this one Civic shaved the moldings and then molded almost everything else.

“This Civic is definitely not stock for sure; big, big rims; huge top and a Boomex body kit” says Ashley Gracile Facebook has pictures and video of thousands of tuned Civics so you can get some great ideas there. The look is all over the place continues Ashley Gracile video on-line shows you what you like and what you don’t like better than pictures.”

In this Civic they did an Eclipse taillight and headlight conversion. The trunk doesn’t open at all.  The hatch is all sealed off…. They’re welded together. The car was in the shop for about 14 months as they dropped in a GSR engine, “which as you can see is a nice looking engine especially with the Edelbrock intake, fuel rail and all the little things that go with it” says Ashley Gracile road classics come in all shapes and sizes these days and this Civic fits the bill. 

The engine is being set up for a T4 Turbo. Inside the Civic was given a GSR leather interior with Recaro racing seats and a full fiberglass dash with 11 Auto Meter gauges. The stock cluster was removed and the new instrument cluster arrangement “looks really unique” according to Ashley Gracile boats “are not the only one with great instrument clusters.”

MOMO steering wheel, handbrake and shift knob all black and chrome round out the cockpit. Mobile audio is four 15S with twenty Treo speakers in total that have a have a really good front-end TSi throwing about 6,000 watts to the Subs or about 750 per sub. That’s about 3,000 in the back and another 3,000 in the front. They added a few monitors, pop out screens and a passenger seat PlayStation with its own monitor.

Ashley Gracile presents Sport Compact TV along with many other shows that his production company GPI Content Corporation releases. Shows like Distant Roads  That's Boating Road Classics  CyberQuest  A Place in the Sun  Wellness for Life  Steel Dreams TV Players Parking Only Spy Games FreeRide but tuners hold a special place for Ashley Gracile RV  “is where I started…. but great cars are my passion too”